Sunday, 12 November 2017

Superman - Justice League 7" Stretch Figure

The Justice League is big news at the moment with the release of the latest film this month. Superhero fans young and old will no doubt be clamoring to see the movie and would definitely love to get their hands on their own Justice League stretch character.

Superman - Justice League 7" Stretch Figure

The 7" Justice League stretch characters include Flash, Batman and Superman. They can be stretched and twisted and will always return back to their normal state. There is something so fun about playing with stretchy toys. My husband, eldest son and future son-in-laws always make a beeline for Freddy's stretch toys! Being superheroes, these new 7" Justice League toys from Character Options will definitely become firm favourites.

Superman - Justice League 7" Stretch Figure

The seven inch stretch figure has classic Superman styling and comes with a red cloth cape and yellow belt. He has his iconic Superman logo on his chest and his abs and other muscles are well defined. His head is well detailed and made of firm plastic. The body itself has very rubbery feeling hands and feet, while his legs, arms and torso feel more solid and stretch really far when pulled. In fact you can stretch him up to five times his original size.

Superman - Justice League 7" Stretch Figure

After he has been stretched, he will retract back to his normal size without any loss of definition. Freddy stretched the arms and legs really far and he still went back to his original shape and size. It is strong and robust as long as it doesn't get punctured, knotted or exposed to extreme temperatures.

Superman - Justice League 7" Stretch Figure

The stretchy Superman toy is definitely proving a lot of fun. The fact that it is a superhero adds that extra element of play value and Freddy has enjoyed incorporating his new super stretchy Superman toy into his games.

The Justice League 7" Stretch Figures are recommended for ages 5 and over and are £12.99 each. They are a great Christmas gift idea for superhero fans - even the grown up ones!

Find out more and buy your own 7" Justice League Stretch Figure at

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