Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Tale of Blogging Betrayal

You know that moment?  You make contact with someone new and something magical happens. Energy crackles, hearts race a little.  The tension is palpable, this could lead to something good.  The moment makes you feel special.  There must be something in me that they are attracted to.  My wit, my intelligence, my eloquence, what I have to say?  I start thinking about the future.  This relationship could last.  It could enrich my life.  My confidence is raised. I'm thinking long term.  I succumb to the flattery.  I take that step.  I give myself over to the suggestions. I am seduced by the promise of  things to come.  They tell me it's OK to do it.  I do exactly what they want.  I want to please them.  I trust them.

I thought that what I was doing really mattered to them. But I was naive. Afterwards, I realise I've been duped. I'm not special to them at all. They didn't care about me or what I had to say at all.  I feel violated and cheated.  It wasn't OK after all.  I realise that I have been used and they didn't give a damn about me. They only wanted me for one thing....that one thing was a paid for do-follow text link!

I'll never fall for it again!


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