Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Amazing Alphabet from Tinyme

The Amazing Alphabet, is an amazing new picture book now available from Tinyme.  Each unique book is fully personalised, custom made and makes a wonderful keepsake for any child.
Not only is it a colourful, educational book, it also features the exciting addition of Augmented Reality. Simply download the free AR app (iOs or Android) to unlock the fun. By hovering over the pages with the app, the characters jump out of the page, coming to life with music and sound effects, allowing children to engage with the printed page in a whole new way. The app also has a 'read to me' function so even non-readers can immerse themselves in the story.

The Amazing Alphabet from Tinyme

In the story of The Amazing Alphabet your child sets off on an adventure to help 'Little z' find his perfect friend. Along the way they will meet all the colorful characters of the alphabet. Children can learn the alphabet and discover words beginning with each of the letters. It's fun for kids who will enjoy the old school pleasures of a picture book combined with the cool addition of modern tech.

The Amazing Alphabet from Tinyme

The book is lovely and the AR is impressive and engaging. Your child's name is used throughout the book making them a big part of the story of 'Little z' on his quest too find his perfect friend. It's fun and really quite unique. Below is a screenshot of the app in action so you can see just how cute it is.

The Amazing Alphabet from Tinyme

This is a great gift idea for young children (and a great alternative to chocolate for an Easter gift for a special child) and costs £20.  Find out more at:

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