Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Supersized Bubble Fun with Gazillion Giant Power Wand

Blowing bubbles is so much fun. I've yet to find a child who doesn't love running around to chase and pop bubbles. It's such a crowd pleaser at parties, and really quite magical and mesmerising.  I love the colours that shimmer off the surface, so pretty.

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Power Wand

We received the Gazillion Giant Bubble Power Wand to try out. It is a motorised, circular wand with a fan that blows air at the push of a button to create bubbles using the Gazillion Big Bubble solution. The wand needs 2 x AA batteries to operate, which fit into the handle.

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Power Wand

The Gazillion Giant Power Wand comes with a flat dish for the solution and an 8oz bottle of the big bubble mix so once the batteries are inserted it is ready to go!

Gazillion Bubble solution is a top quality formula, shown to create bigger, more plentiful bubbles. It is the perfect solution to use with the latest gadgets from Gazillion, which take bubble blowing to a whole new level.

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Bubble

The wand creates huge bubbles with ease. Simply dip the wand into the solution and press the button. The air blows through the solution creating a stream of giant bubbles. We are so impressed to see the huge bubbles float off into the air. It was so much better than trying to blow them yourselves, as the air is blown gently, continuously and evenly across the film of solution, maximising the size and quantity of bubbles from each dip.

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Bubble

Gazillion Bubbles are a premium bubble blowing brand. The solutions come in 8oz, 2l and 4l bottles in original and big bubble formulas for lots of bubbly fun.

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Bubble

Gazillion Giant Power Wand is the perfect outdoor big bubble blowing toy, ideal for kids' parties. As the weather improves, I'll be outside making giant bubbles to impress my younger kids and grandkids! To be fair, I think I'll even impress the adults with the size of these giant bubbles!

Gazillion Bubbles Giant Bubble

The Gazillion Giant Power Wand costs £12.99 and can be found online at Argos. It's great fun for all ages but recommended for kids age 3 to 7.

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