Thursday, 10 May 2012

How To Get It All Back #R2BC

Is Your Glass Half-Empty?  Then Why Not See It As Half-Full Instead? 

I've spoken a lot recently about things that have affected me quite negatively, knocking my confidence and undoing some of the good that I have achieved over the last couple of years.  It seems that sometimes life has been conspiring against me, testing me and chipping away at the happy veneer I had developed.  I hate things that are out of my control.  I hate the fact that I allow things to eat away at me.  I feel myself being eroded and I fear totally losing myself to my inner, ever lurking darkness.  But it doesn't have to be this way.

I am refusing to let all this destroy what I have worked hard to achieve. I am empowering myself again.  I am reminding myself of all the positive things in my life instead of focusing and obsessing about the negatives.  Until you concentrate of the positives, the spiral of doom will just continue. You can't always change the situation you are in, but you can change the way you perceive  it.
  •  I have some amazing people in my life.  My husband is simply wonderful and we are about to celebrate fifteen years of marriage.  My children are a constant source of joy, love and pride.  My relationship with my parents is better than it's ever been and the relationship that my kids have with their grandparents is so enriching.  I don't have many friends, but the ones that I do have (both in the real and virtual worlds) are absolutely brilliant, supportive and very positive influences in my life. I have been overwhelmed by some of the support I have received recently. I am so thankful to have all these wonderful folk in my life.
  • Ian's health scare a few months ago was a real shock to me.  I never like to think of him as anything less than in perfect health and talk of kidney failure and dialysis was really scary.  Ian's last hospital check up was not 100% perfect, but the doctors were happy enough to discharge him under the proviso that he self-monitors.  At first I was upset by this, but looking at it realistically he is now fully aware of what the problem is.  It will never creep up on us again and if symptoms do return we will act immediately.  We are in a much better place with it all and he is fine. I am so grateful.
  • I have a lovely home.  OK, I'd love to move to a better place with more opportunities, but if that never happens, my house is still pretty cool.  We are happy when we're at home together and there are things that I'd miss if I moved away.  So until we move (or in case we never do manage to find a buyer) I intend to enjoy my favourite Indian takeaway, my awesome dentist, Fordhall Farm and the other few things that I really like about my hometown.  Focusing on the negative will not help anyone. 
  • I really have low regard for Ella's school but she will be moving to a new college in September.  Kizzy has two more years at Primary School so I don't have to have any involvement for a while.  I am excited about the next stage of Ella's education with the prospect of better facilities, teaching and opportunities.  Her close knit network of friends from her current school will still be here for her, giving her the best of both worlds.  
  • We are thinking about our future.  Things are changing for our family and although this is potentially quite scary, it also opens doors.  Rather than being fearful of change, I'm intending to embrace it.  Our financial future is looking rocky for the first time in years, but I am focusing on belt-tightening and budgeting and am actually getting quite a kick out of saving money!
  • Too often I've been grabbing something from the freezer for dinner rather than making meals from scratch.  You can get in such a rut and just lose sight of your inner Domestic Goddess.  So I'm going to enjoy cooking again and will be planning healthy meals for my family.  I'm stocking up on lentils and pulses. I'm in control again!
  • I've got things to look forward to.  Some really good things.  I want to be in the right state of mind to completely enjoy them...I will be in the right state of mind!!
I can really do this, and if you are feeling like you have lost your self belief, give it a go.  It is a good way to start rebuilding yourself.  Look at what you have got and be grateful, rather than pining for what you can't have or focusing on what is wrong in your life.  See the beauty in your life and remove the negative thoughts and feelings that are so damaging.  

Thanks to the positivity of S.A.M. for giving me the courage and support to adopt the 'Glass Half Full' approach!

I'm linking up to Michelle's Reason to be Cheerful.  Click on the badge to read more stories of gratitude and cheer.

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  1. You embrace that glass half full approach mum because all though there is a lot of shit there is also a lot of good (: I love you more than anything in the world and we're going to have some of the best fun over the summer! Couldn't ask for a better mum, and wouldn't be one out there even if I did! Love you millions xxxxxx

  2. Fab post wendy! Love your positive attitude! x

  3. Smiling Like I Mean It10 May 2012 at 19:37

    it is really difficult to not just focus on the negatives, but it is so energising when you manage to look at the positives instead. i'm trying also to not just cook-straight-from-freezer, so far so good! good luck!

  4. Bets to celebrate the wonderful people in your life. You are incredibly blessed with your lovely big family. We all have silly wobbles about our blogs. I had a major one today. keep at it, your blog is pure quality. Mich x

  5. You DO have a lot going on or possibly about to go on. *hugs* And do try not to let the 0's get you down. I have noticed a lull of late as well. And or very late commenting ...days later. And it used to bother me, dishearten me. I've given up a lot of blogs over that! Out of anger and resentment even! But this current blog is really just for me but the me that loves to share - so with this attitude I've really enjoyed the 0's even though I still love the comments SO much more. <3

  6. See?!! See?!!! P.M.A is a real deal breaker...look for your blessings everyday, mine is "thank goodness for the wonder of medicine and that we live in a Country that can provide this for us. Beansey is on the mend thanks to antibiotics". Just look at the lovely comment your Meg are indeed blessed.

    PS Please, PLEASE come to Britmums Live


  7. So glad Beansey is on the mend! Thanks so much Sophie :) I'm doing a sponsorship post for Britmums Live and will leave it to fate. I'd love to see you. :) xxx

  8. I was really confused by some of the replies that I've been getting on this post! Turns out I had a faulty link to a Disqus Thread (0 Comments, 0 Reactions) instead of to my 'Regrets' post! Ooops. No worries about my blog...just my real life problems! But this has given me a little giggle...see, positivity really does bring a happy outcome!! Thanks for your comment Mich!!!

  9. I hope you can keep up looking for the positive amongst the negative things - it's never easy but it's so much better when we do. :) Good luck with everything in the future!

  10. There are so many positives in this posts it's hard to believe you were down, I hope Ella enjoys her new college and all her revising pays off.

    It's amazing how we take good health for granted but sometimes the scare makes us appreciate each other and ourselves so much more.
    Have fun channeling your inner domestic goddess! Post what you cook please!

  11. My goodness, if only everybody thought like you do, the world would be a much
    better place. I admire you for your decision to look on the bright side of life and not to dwell on things that are not quite up to scratch. I applaud you for being



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