Saturday, 12 May 2012

Freddy's Fabulous Knitted Blanket of Many Colours #Project 52

How To Knit A Patchwork Blanket.

My mum is a fabulous knitter.  She knits love into every stitch as she creates beautiful 'Nana Knits' for her grandchildren.  Her latest creation is a gorgeous patchwork style blanket embellished with cute hand-knitted mini-beasts.  She made it by knitting squares...casting on 30 stitches and knitting  for 5"... which were then all sewn together.  She then knitted six mini-beasts that she sewed on randomly.

The result is a unique blanket that Freddy absolutely adores.  His excitement upon seeing his new snuggly was so adorable.  He named all the colours and said how wonderful it was, squealing with delight that thrilled his Nana.  He adores the spiders and ladybirds that add a real element of fun to the finished blanket.

He loves snuggling up under his new patchwork blanket :)  Thanks to his wonderful Knitting Nana!

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  1. OK I want one - full of woolly spiders. Its adorable x

  2. My mum is an actual genius at knitting spiders!!

  3. Words simply cannot express how thrilled I was when Freddy saw his blanket for the first time. I didn't expect him to react like he did which made me feel
    very happy. I am so glad that I made the ladybirds and spiders to add to
    blanket - Freddy couldn't believe his eyes.
    spiders which I added.

  4. does she or would she consider making these for money? If i could get my son a truly unique and special blanket like this, that would be amazing, and i know he would love it. i have looked on etsy but most blankets, though great, are not very "unique".

  5. What a lovely blanket. Like the colour/black & white contrast.

  6. It is stunning. I wish I cold knit, my nan showed me when I was youth but I was never very good! Lucky Freddie x

  7. Oh Wendy that is so beautiful! The Boy would adore one of these, because it's made with such love and devotion. The look on Freddy's face is precious.

    Thanks for linking up



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