Monday, 16 April 2012

Kizzy is a Mini-Baker!

Kizzy has won the Fabulous Bakin' Boys Mini- Baker Competition!

Last year the Fabulous Bakin' Boys launched a competition to find a Mini-Baker to help them design a brand new flavour of cupcake.  Kizzy, who is a big cake fan, came up with a tasty tropical treat and we entered the contest.  Whilst we were away on holiday we found out that she had made the regional finals and today it was announced that she has won the coveted title of Mini-Baker!

As part of the prize she will be going to their factory in the heart of Oxfordshire to help bake the cakes which will be going on sale nationwide.  What a wonderful experience for her!  

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I am very proud of my own little cupcake Kizzy!   She loves baking and often helps in the kitchen.  She has made Big Foot Cookies, Cornish Ginger Fairings and Betty Crocker Cupcakes for posts here on the blog.  She really is a budding Nigella!

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  1. wow that's brilliant news Wendy! Kizzy is going to take over the world this year!
    What a fab win...well done Kizzy!

  2. Thanks Helen! She is doing really well :) See you tomorrow! xxx

  3. ohh how fab well done Kizzy!! :)

  4. wow Well done Kizzy, that's awesome. x

  5. What a great achievement for Kizzy to win this title - I do know how much she loves helping to cook and the fact she has created a new tasting cake is fantastic.
    I would have loved to have seen her face when she found out she had won.

  6. As ever my little star. XXX



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