Friday, 20 April 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

My Beautiful Daughter is 16 This Weekend

People complain about teenagers.  But the stereotype of a monosyllabic, door slamming, liberty taking, ungrateful teen, couldn't be further from the truth when I think of Ella.  She is truly a shining light in my life, a girl with empathy, compassion and a loving heart.  She is a wonderful daughter and an amazing sibling to both her older and younger siblings.  She adores her grandparents and brings them such joy as she performs for them on her guitar or gives them hugs letting them know just how much she loves them.

Even as a baby, Ella had an ethereal quality, a sensitivity and delicateness that made her seem vulnerable both physically and emotionally. As a teen, she may have her demons but she also has an inner strength which I know will win through.  She amazes me with her resilience and determination and we are coping with our problems together as a family. Nothing will extinguish the bright light that shines inside her, however hard it tries.

My baby girl has grown into a talented, intelligent, creative individual.  She loves to draw and her bedroom walls are covered in sketches of her favourite Disney characters (alongside photos of her favourite horror film icons!)  Her music fills our home.  She is independent, I've never had to nag her to do homework, revise or tidy her room.  She has a strong moral code and consequently is given total freedom, yet she has never betrayed our trust.  I know that choices she makes are right for her at that time and I respect her decisions. She does incredibly well academically, but has a humility that I find humbling.

I sometimes thinks my kids sound too good to be true, so to balance things out, she hates kittens, spends ages doing her hair, is an absolute nightmare to hurry along in the morning and has a strange and macabre fascination for serial killers and horror films!

So, I give thanks for the child that I was blessed with sixteen years ago and celebrate the colour, complexity and richness that she has brought into our life.  Ella means "bright light" (Greek origins) and I can't think of a more appropriate name for my daughter.  Happy Birthday Ella xxx


  1. She is gorgeous, happy birthday to your girl xxx

  2. What a beautiful birthday tribute to your beautiful daughter Wendy. She has always struck me (online) as a confident and talented young lady with masses of talent. She is a testimony to your parenting skills.

    And I have to say that I see her smiling in lots of photos, but she usually has her mouth closed, the bottom photo with her mouth open makes her look completely different and so very, very happy.

    Happy birthday Ella and Wendy.

  3. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a real credit to you and from what I have seen of her she is lovely, she chatted to me and must have felt really odd as she doesn't really know me from Adam!

  4. Happy birthday beautiful girl xx

  5. Thank you so much. I love to see her smiling. xxx

  6. Thanks Jen. You are such a sweetie, it's no wonder Ella enjoyed chatting to you!! Lovely seeing you today :) xxx

  7. What a lovely piece about your daughter, I think she would be moved to read this and the relationship you have with each other is truly inspiring! Happy Birthday to Ella!x

  8. I concur with everything you have written about Ella - Stan and I feel very
    honoured to be her Grandparents - When I see her play the guitar and sing
    I am almost reduced to tears as she puts her whole being into her music
    which always sounds so beautiful. We love her so much.



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